Quality Control


Quality control flow:

Key Points For Control 

  • Mandatory to participate in Briefing, Mock, Pilot,and Debriefing.  
  • Interviewer briefing co-conducted by Project Manager (Research Dept.) and FW Supervisor, and when necessary, also FW Manager.
  • The first interview of new interviewers must be escorted by supervisor or an experienced interviewer. 
  • For each study, supervisor must escort 2-3 interviewers.
  • Supervisor keeps continuous check on the progress & completed quota on a daily/weekly basis
  • Each interviewer will not do more than 15% of total sample.
  • Normally, interviewers are required to return completed questionnaires in 3 rounds, each at a designated time.  Any problems encountered will be reported and clarified.
  • First round to complete not more than one-third of the assigned sample for editing.
  • Supervisor will take the initiative to contact the interviewer that evening in case of no show.
  • 100% of the questionnaires are manually edited once.  50-100% double-edited.  Written records are kept on editing quality.
  • For all projects outside of the major cities, researcher or supervisor will train and supervise the FW in person or by telephone.
  • All the local suppliers working for CIC have to sign a confidential contract.  They accept quality evaluation by CIC.


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